Additional (Dino) Panel: Baby Playpen - Large Plastic Playpen Panel's


✔SAFETY- Our Playpen is crafted with Round Smooth Edges to Protect Your Baby during Playtime. Crafted with High-Quality BPA-Free, 100% Non-Toxic plastic materials to Keep Your Child Safe.

✔VERSATILITY- Our Lightweight Playpen can be used for Indoor or Outdoor Events. It is Very Sturdy with a Locking Door Latch to Withstand Babies from Breaking Free, allowing You to Focus on Other Activities, ensuring Toddler Safety.

✔EASY TO ASSEMBLE- Our Playpen Set is Super Easy to Assemble without any Additional Tools other than your Own Hands! This Allows fast Assembling or Breakdown for Different Occasions and Easy Portability.

✔INCLUDES- Each order of 2 will come with 1 white and 1 gray panel for the dinosaur design playpen. Each order of 1 panel will come with 1 assorted color panel for the dinosaur playpen. Each order of 1 Door or 1 Toy panel will come with 1 Door or 1 Toy panel for the dinosaur playpen. 

Save time & effort with our exclusive baby playpens! Keep babies safe inside our playpen when mom or dad needs to cook, clean up, vacuum or more! Attractive Design Engineered to make your child more cheerful and happy! The eye-catching design gives your baby sense of protection while they are playing.

Our Playpen is crafted with high quality Non-Toxic Commercial Grade Material used for every day product. The Smooth Edge Protects Your Baby from Hurting Themselves During Playtime. Lightweight Playpen can be used for Indoor or Outdoor Events. It is also Very Sturdy to Withstand Babies from Breaking Free and Head towards Hazards.

Designed for both Indoor and Outdoor uses, the playpen offers an area of safe, enclosed fun! Specially designed Suction Cups at the bottom of the panels to stop baby from moving the playpen into Potentially Harmful areas. Interlocking panels make its extremely easy to set up, no additional tools required! Each Panel can be adjusted to fit any opening. Great for wide spaces, Angled Openings, hallway, doorway, bottom of stairs or barrier. Can be Disassembled within minutes for storage

Panel Dimensions 16” x 24” H

Great for:
Indoor or Outdoor Activity
Keep baby safe inside while doing chores
Baby stay busy with integrated toys
Prevent baby going towards hazardous areas
Can be combined with other baby toys such as plastic play balls, rocking horses, play mats or more!
NOTE: These are additional panels for the Bliss Brands Dinosaur playpen.